Our family has been farming in the Lower Yakima Valley of Washington for 100 years.  We recently went headlong into sustainability by integrating poultry into our pastures and vineyards.  The birds provide fertilizer, pest control, and keep the weeds down.

The Yakima Valley is an extremely rich agricultural area.  It produces a large amount of the nation’s tree fruit, 75% of all the hops in North America, and is quickly becoming a center for wine production.  It’s also a large dairy farming area.

A few years ago we took a hard look at our land and decided there was so much more we could be doing to take care of it better.  We just recently began integrating poultry into our vineyards and pasture grounds.

We now raise heritage breed turkeys that we finish with our left over grapes.  They are juicier, plumper, and more delicious than any factory farmed turkey out there.  In addition to turkeys we also raise Toulouse geese and Muscovy ducks.