Grape Finished Pastured Heritage Turkey

//Grape Finished Pastured Heritage Turkey
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Grape Finished Pastured Heritage Turkey


The perfect old fashioned Thanksgiving turkey.  We finish our turkeys on grapes for a juicier, plumper bird.  Pastured heritage breeds take longer to mature and are much harder to come across.  They often sell out nation wide, so we highly recommend you preorder.  For bulk order information, click on “Contact Us”.
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Heritage turkeys are what people think of when they think of Thanksgiving.  We use old fashioned breeds like Spanish Blacks, Narragansett’s, and Standard Bronzes.  Heritage turkey’s can thrive outdoors in a pasture unlike the industrially raised broad breasted whites that are much more common.  In fact, estimates of annual heritage turkey production are around only 25,000 nation wide, vs. 200,000,000 factory farmed broad breasted whites!

Being pastured outdoors in fresh air and sunshine, our birds are happier and healthier.  They eat plenty of native grasses and insects and are supplemented with non-GMO grains.  Most importantly, we finish our holiday bound birds with left over concord grapes from our vineyards.  This gives them a MUCH juicier flavor than just about any turkey out there.

Pasture raising heritage turkeys takes almost twice as long as industrially raised birds, and they are never given hormones or antibiotics.  We hand trim them and ship one to two weeks before before Thanksgiving or Christmas.  If you’d like to reserve a turkey for a different time, please use the “Bulk Food Service” button above.

  • Use or freeze within seven days.





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