Late Harvest Fattened Goose Liver

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Late Harvest Fattened Goose Liver

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This fattened liver is the result of the geese’s instinctive behavior.  When the weather gets colder in late autumn, the geese begin gorging themselves in preparation for migrating.  This product is only available once a year.  For bulk order information, please click on “Contact Us”.

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Product Description

Naturally fattened goose liver is not a result of gavage.  The geese will begin over eating in the fall as the weather cools, thereby naturally fattening their livers in preparation for migrating.  These livers are smaller and less fatty than traditional foie gras.

They still have a wonderful flavor and provide another option for the discerning chef.

  • Use or freeze within 5 days of receiving.
  • Average weight of 1 lb.

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