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Muscovy Duck


Muscovy duck is a rich, leaner duck.  We pasture our ducks, and finish them with whole corn kernels for a delicious, clean flavor. For bulk order information, please click on “Contact Us”.

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Muscovy ducks are a terrestrial breed originating from Central and South America.  They are heavier and typically leaner than most farmed and wild ducks.  They have long been used for haute cuisine because of their attributes for a larger breast size, better meat to bone ratio, and typically leaner body.

We pasture our ducks in the open air where they eat grasses, small bugs and snails, and supplement their feed with non-GMO grains.  We then finish them on whole corn kernels to give them the nice layer of breast fat that duck is known for.

Hand trimmed, our birds are raised without antibiotics or hormones.

  • Use or freeze within 4 days of receiving.

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Weight 15 lbs

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