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Geese are sorely under represented on the American dinner table.  Decades ago, most American family farms had a few geese running around to keep weeds down in the garden.  They were then served on special occasions such as Christmas, New Years, or Easter.  Order yours today, and rediscover goose, the other red meat!  For bulk order information click on “Contact Us”.

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Goose is a rare bird these days, and it’s hard to understand why.  Still common in Europe, especially for special occasions, goose is a delicious, yet lean red meat.  Another wonderful aspect of roasting goose is the rendered fat, called “liquid gold” in Europe.  It in itself is amazing to cook with and it should always be reserved to cook with later.

Geese are excellent in the pasture.  Their diet consists almost exclusively of grass and when the weather begins to get cold in the fall they absolutely gorge themselves.  We raise Toulouse geese, a classic breed originating in southern France.  They are large, friendly birds that help keep our pasture and vineyards weed free!

We hand process them and never use any hormones or antibiotics.  We highly recommend you pre-order.  Thanks to the internet and foodies, goose is making a comeback in the U.S. and they are often sold out nation wide come the holiday season.

  • Use or freeze within 7 days of receiving.
  • 13 lb average weight

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